A Guide to Langkawi, Malaysia in a Weekend

Langkawi is a popular island paradise amongst tourists and Malaysian locals alike. Langkawi itself is actually an archipelago of 104 islands up in the North West of Malaysia right near the boarder of Thailand. You’ll find an abundance of beautiful beaches, great food, many tourists and friendly locals. It’s also a great island for party goers and backpackers as alcohol is not taxed on the island, therefore drinking and partying is quite cheap.


– When To Go –

The best time to visit is in the dry season between mid November through til mid April. You won’t encounter much rain and the weather will be prime. Prices will be higher on the island at this time, though, as it is the busy tourist season. I would just highly recommend not travelling her during the Chinese New Year holiday as the crowds are ridiculous and prices a lot higher.


– Getting There –

Langkawi is easily accessible by boat and plane. I travelled by ferry from Kuala Kedah due to Chinese New Year crowds, but if it wasn’t as busy, it would’ve been easier to just catch the ferry from Penang straight to Langkawi. Air Asia have cheap flights flying from all over the world to Langkawi. I left by plane to Singapore and the airport is small yet efficient.


– Stay in a Local Farming Village –

Staying in this traditional Malay farmer’s hut really made my experience in Langkawi. It is just a 5 minute drive from Cenang beach and also close to the airport. Marina has several huts she has restored and are dotted around her peaceful and luscious garden. She even drove us in to town each day! She was the most friendly Malay we met and I would highly recommend you stay here.

Surrounded by nature in the village

– Travelling Around the Island –

As I was just there for two days, we didn’t bother hiring a car, but if you plan on staying longer, this is a great and cheap option. The island lacks in public transportation and the main way for visitors to travel is by taxi, unless you have a scooter or car.



– Eat at Little Mexican –

If you’re keen on Mexican food, then you will love this little restaurant located in the middle of the main road along Cenang beach. I’m salivating just thinking about how delicious it was.


– Walk along the Cenang Beach Area –

The main touristy spot where you can do all kinds of water sports or just chill on the beach. You’ll also find many restaurants and shops along this strip. Sadly, it was overcast the day we went to the beach, but on a nice sunny day you can’t go past this part of Langkawi. Beware, it is very touristy!


– Drinks at Sunset at Yellow Beach Cafe –

After walking along to the end of the beach and back, the Yellow Beach Cafe caught my eye and I knew it would be the perfect place to sit with a Tiger beer and watch the sunset. They set out bean bags on the beach if you want to relax on the sand with a cocktail and dinner.


– Island Hopping Tour –

Probably something every tourist does in Langkawi is this island hopping tour. As Langkawi is a part of 104 islands, the best way to explore the area is by boat. The tour costs 35RM (about $12), goes for 3-4 hours and departs at either 9.30am or 2.30pm.

You’ll be taken to White Sand Beach, then on to watch some eagles swooping and eating before seeing the Pregnant Maiden Lake that resembles a pregnant lady laying on her back. Locals believe that if a woman drinks from the lake, she will get pregnant… so don’t go drinking the water unless that’s what you want! The last stop is Pulau Dayang Bunting, a freshwater lake surrounded by luscious mountains and forests. On the walk down you will find some cheeky monkeys. I even saw one steal a woman’s 6 inch sub, unwrap it and eat it. Obviously a highlight.

I did enjoy this tour, but the amount of tourists kind of took away from the natural beauty. The crowds were just insane!

The Pregnant Maiden
So many tourists


– Cable Car and Sky Bridge –

Another big tourist attraction and also the world’s steepest Cable Car. You’ll find yourself 708m above sea level where the views are just stunning – you can even see as far as Thailand in the north! It was about 95RM for the fast pass to skip the lines, as the wait was a few hours.

Take the quick ride up to the viewing platforms and then buy your ticket to the SkyBridge. Situated atop Mt. Machinchang, it curves out over the mountains below for a different view of the area. You can either take the SkyGuide or hike about 15 minutes there.



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