10 Reasons to Explore New Zealand Right Now!

I could ramble on for days about why you should visit New Zealand and how much I love it… So I’ve compiled a post to quickly convince you as to why you need to explore New Zealand ASAP!

It’s a Lord Of The Rings wonderland

Just about everyone on planet earth loves the Lord of the Rings and Hobbit trilogies. After setting foot in New Zealand, you’ll realise quite quickly why the movies where filmed here. From hiking to Mount Doom (Mount Tongariro), pretending to be a hobbit for the day or wandering through scenic film locations, you’ll definitely get your LOTR fix here.

The hikes are breathtaking 

You’ll be doing a lot of exercise in New Zealand if you want to get to certain breathtaking sites. Don’t be scared though, you won’t even feel like it’s exercise (even if it does, the views are always worth it!) I am relatively unfit upon arrival in New Zealand, but I left feeling somewhat healthier after all that fresh air and hiking. It doesn’t really feel like exercise when you’re wandering around places like Mount Cook! If you’re an avid hiker, you’ll find there are endless hikes of all varieties around New Zealand.

It’s one of the safest countries in the world

Who doesn’t love hearing how safe a country is – I feel like it makes New Zealand all the more appealing! Whether you’re travelling solo or road tripping with a friend and staying at campsites, I can guarantee you’ll feel super safe, because I definitely did! I can get super anxious at the thought of travelling alone, but I would happily get in a campervan and drive around NZ by myself!

The scenery is ridiculously photogenic & unspoiled

I’m not kidding when I say that everywhere you look in New Zealand is just beautiful. On my two week road trip, I never got sick of sitting in a car and looking out the window as around every corner was another endless green field of sheep or snow topped mountain. You’ll constantly have your camera at the ready! I also really loved how unspoiled the scenery actually is. You’d be surprised to hear I rarely ran into hoards of tourists, even in the most beautiful of places.

It has something for everyone

I really believe NZ has something to offer every kind of traveller. It’s super safe and easy to get around for the solo travellers out there, while it’s also fun grabbing a group of friends or the family and taking a road trip around the North & South islands! It is such a diverse country. One minute you can be hanging by the beach in The Coromandel, and in the afternoon be in the bustling, trendy city of Wellington. From geothermal landscapes to snow capped mountains, from hiking glaciers to sampling delicious food, you won’t be short on activities, that’s for sure.

Every season is beautiful in its own way

I would be happy to visit New Zealand at any time of the year. In Winter, the snow and chilly weather makes the scenery all the more beautiful, while spring brings about colourful lupins and baby sheep. Autumn provides burnt orange leaves and settled weather, whereas Summer is obviously the best time to visit beaches and take a road trip! I personally would love to get back in Winter to see parts of the country covered in sheets of snow.

It’s a haven for adrenaline junkies 

If jumping off tall structures and bridges are your thing, then you’re going to the right place. NZ is home to the original bungy, and what better place to take the dive than over bright turquoise waters in a canyon or off a mountain looking out over Queenstown? If you’re a bit chicken like myself, there are other ways to get your adrenaline kicks. You could take a helicopter ride to the top of a mountain, jet boat through the gushing waters of Huka Falls or do some ice hiking through glaciers!

You’ll find the cutest cafes, restaurants & bars

If you’re on a budget in New Zealand, it will be super hard to refrain from eating out at the many cafes, restaurants and bars. I mean, just look at those colourful cocktails and eggs benny with a view – it’s hard to resist. I loved the cafe scene in the major cities like Auckland and Wellington, while the food I sampled all over the country was delicious. Despite that, it is by far the most expensive country I’ve travelled around to eat out!

It’s the perfect country for a road trip

I could’ve spent months upon months driving around New Zealand. The roads will take you just about anywhere, plus they are all relatively new! With a GPS, I found it super easy to navigate around the North and South islands, and would easily be able to do it alone. My future goal is to rent a campervan and explore every inch (or just about) of one of my all time fav countries.

The landscapes are super diverse

You’ve probably gotten the gist by now, but I’ve gotta say, New Zealand is the most diverse country I’ve ever been to. The North Island provides geothermal hotspots, pristine and quiet beaches whereas the South is where you’ll find mountainous landscapes, canyons and icy glaciers. When I think back to everything I saw in just two weeks in New Zealand, I’m still shocked at how many different landscapes I explored!

Side note: I am off to New Zealand’s South Island in October for a 10 day road trip! Swing me a message or comment if you have any recommendations!!!



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  • April | April Everyday
    April 26, 2017 at 12:12 pm

    New Zealand has always been on my bucket list! My cousin actually moved out there, and I was gutted when she moved back to the UK and we never got to go over and see the country! The scenery looks absolutely amazing, though can you believe I’ve never actually watched/read any LoTR?!
    xo April | April Everday

    • sophmatters@hotmail.com
      April 27, 2017 at 5:10 am

      It’s seriously the most beautiful place I’ve ever been! I hope you get to go and explore one day! I definitely would recommend watching LOTR before you go – it’s soo good! 🙂