10 Amazing Things To Do on the Gold Coast

    Sunset View Q1 Gold Coast

    Oh, Gold Coast, the city of pristine surf beaches, trendy cafes, luscious hinterland and friendly faces. It’s where every Aussie wants to escape to for a relaxing holiday and secretly wants to live. As a born and bred local of 22 years, I feel the lid must be lifted on my home town as it has so much more to offer world travellers and fellow Australians alike than the nightclubs of Surfers Paradise and sought-after Theme parks.

    The Gold Coast has grown into one of Australia’s most loved cities, likely because there is something here for everyone; you really are spoilt for choice! Your morning can go from watching a killer sunrise on the beach to café hopping and shopping to then adventuring into the hinterland or valleys before winding down at night with some live local music and food. It’s a tough life here on the Coast, but someone’s got to do it!

    So, once the Gold Coast has initially tantalised your sense of adventure with its natural beauty and fun energy, trust me, you won’t want to leave without having ticked off all of these experiences. Just a head up, you probably won’t want to say goodbye at all! Continue Reading

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